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Why is Palm Week in social media z

At social networks, leaflets began appearing with images of a multiple rocket launcher system and the caption "I won’t – willow willow!". So it’s three years since the end of the year on the day of Palm Week at the link with the thunder of words – the name “Verba” is worn by the Ukrainian multiple rocket launcher system, divided on the basis of the Radyanskaya RSZV “Grad”.

What is the RSZV "Verba"

Photo: RSZV "Verba" at the rehearsal of the parade near Kiev, 2018 (Wikipedia)

The BI-21U "Verba" multiple rocket launcher system, caliber 122 mm, was introduced in 2015. Kharkiv Design Bureau of Machine Building named after Morozov, we remember, in the first quarter, for a modernized version of the T-84 tank, which took away the name "Oplot". In the old Radyanskaya RSZV "Grad", it actually lost more than its combat part – the chassis was replaced by the KrAZ-6322 vantage, the navigation systems, communication, fire control and stabilization of the platform on the ground were replaced. The head office from the point of view of operation became a 5-wheel cabin, in which the entire crew is accommodated, and I will also automate the reloading process, for which a special transport and charging machine was created.

Photo: RSZV "Verba" transport and charging vehicle at the training ground, 2017 (Wikipedia)

The weight of the RSZV "Verba" is to become 20 tons, the machine is built to develop a maximum speed of up to 85 km / year. Automatic reloading of a package of 40 missiles is charged for a total of 10 minutes (the "Grad" borrows reloading from a year to two years), with which crew you can not leave the cockpit (manual charging mode also saves you from falling off the "Grad"). All this significantly increases the mobility at once from the moving safe crew, which may be important for the current war.

Palm week: what is Christmas

Thy day the river is celebrated To the Entrance of the Lord to Jerusalem: it was a sign of the gospels of Іsus in the tops of the donkeys to Jerusalem, de yogo the inhabitants of the city were waving with palm-trees and wiguks "Hosanna"). It is sacredly celebrated in the rest of the week ahead of Great Day. Palm week is called through the tradition of consecrating willow trees in churches, which symbolizes palm trees, which, for obvious reasons, do not grow in our country.

It’s not me – willow willow!

Behind the Ukrainian traditions, on this day, relatives and friends were accepted with light blows of consecrated willows, saying "I won’t use it – willow willow, it’s Easter for this day." In this manner, the word for the RSZV "Verba" has an ironic meaning, tied to the Orthodox tradition.